I’ve wanted to write about the Astral OG for a while now. It’s that perfect mix of interesting story and great flower that still ends up better than the sum of its parts. The flower is good, really good actually. Cultivated and bred by @tenfourfarms, the nose is a bouquet of gassy sweetness with rich chocolate wafer undertones. Tart whiffs of lemon cake, cedar, pine, and top notes of sweetened baking spices. The bag appeal is fantastic, of course. Which is probably why producers @burnmoneymusic, chose it as a unique marketing tool. Astral OG (pronounced “astrology”) takes its moniker from local musician @Astral_OG (also, pronounced “astrology”). Yes- this is technically a celebrity strain. With Snoop’s name on vaporizers and Marley’s on some mystery flower, should we be surprised that this unique expression of Headband X Platinum GSC gets a little co-branding? I met with the BurnMoney guys and they’re young, hard-hustling industry dudes that know good flower when they see it. They’re also down to try things and see if they stick. Shopping around to farms for another well-known musician for a deal that eventually died on the vine, they saw the possibility of snatching up a unique flower that represents their brand and tied an up and coming act to it. Celebrities hawking bottles of perfume with their face on it is pretty cringe-worthy but musicians embracing cannabis is still celebrated. Hard to decide where I fall on the subject of co-branded cannabis. With all of the farms showing musicians and reps around and entertaining offers, I’m sure we will be seeing more of it on shelves soon. For now, I’ll side with the flower. I’ve enjoyed the Astral OG everytime I’ve come across it. Killer bag appeal, excellent combination of OG and Cookie taste and the cerebral day-dreamy effect make it better than almost every other cookie cross on the shelf. The old adage stands -What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. 📸@northwestgreensphoto Found reliably at @naturalwonders.pdx , stuffed in @greenbox_pdx and on shelves in hash and flower form @alt.remedies

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I pronounce that “R” each and every time. I grew up in the Midwest and called it SherbeRt and was surprised to notice that my mind had been reading this word wrong my whole life. I guess I’m not the only one. The word itself has its roots in Turkish and Persian –Turkish şerbet, from Persian sharbat, and from Arabic sharba , for drink. And the dessert is a bastardized cross between sorbet and ice cream. Even in 1939 the somewhat popular song “Shoot the Sherbert to me Herbert” got the ball rolling with the popular mispronouncing. Mostly, we just like stuff that rhymes. Especially English speakers, our brains crave alliteration and simple rhymes. So, you hear the word mispronounced a couple times and then your dumb brain takes the path of least resistance and throws in an extra consonant. I don’t care for the original spelling. It’s awkward and sounds weird when you say it out loud. From now on, it’s Sherbert in my mind, and not because I’m lazy and like my strains to fit into rhyme schemes but because we need to decide how to say this word. With all of the dessert strains and Sherbert crosses hitting the shelves it’s time once and for all to decide.

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I have to say carving an ice-bong with @iceovation and @the.dailyleaf was one of the highlights of my summer. James is one of those unique individuals who is living the dream. People connect with his art and enthusiasm whether that’s admiring a life size ice cowboy or taking a lung busting hit off of a work of melty functional art. Truly appreciated his approach and guided instructions. Now, my piece won’t be making it into any galleries but the experience is going to last a lot longer than the block of ice did. @iceovation is available for small, personalized carving classes and dramatic works of ice art. Those of you planning the next big industry party should hit him up now or suffer “where’s the ice-bong?” questions for the entire night. Catch the full impression and a rad time lapse vid over on @the.dailyleaf site.

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“Typically between 0.43 and 1.82 percent of the mass of burned wood (dry basis) results in ash. Also the conditions of the combustion affect the composition and amount of the residue ash, thus higher temperature will reduce ash yield”. A little stoned and considering the contents of ash. Funny thing is there’s really not a lot of agreement in the studies. Combustion, for as long as we’ve utilized it still holds some mystery. Consider that the next time you burn one down.

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In the same way a good movie or meal sticks with you, weeks later I’m still thinking about this @tjsorganicgardens cultivated K1. A cross between Durban Poison and La Kush, this K1 smells like a boutique OG Kush. Just opening the jar perfumes the room with beautiful sour hash scents. Baking spices, a whiff of sandalwood and a hint of anise tea. Good luck catching those subtle notes though as this lady is all gas. Lacking the sort of “sweetness” I typically associate with Diesel, let’s call this unleaded. OG fanatics should really track this one down. Aggressive nose with a nice balanced herbal top note. The flower breaks off into chunks, calyxes glued to each other with an abundance of resinous trichomes. Effect will make you want to conquer the world or at least organize your kitchen cabinets. In a sea of This-and-that Kush crosses this expression really stands out. Like I said, this one sticks with you. Keep your eyes peeled for it in Washington and Oregon and stock up so you aren’t stuck like I am, reminiscing over cell phone pics.

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Did I mention we were at the inaugural @sativascienceclub? If there’s one thing that burns my biscuits (that’s a saying, right?) it’s talking to a budtender who’s clueless about what’s on the shelves. That’s where Mary Jane comes in. The woman, that is. Taking years of planning and education, MJ relied on her expertise and knowledge of plant medicine and event planning to help educate the cannabis industry. Enlisting weed-genius and all around great lady, @echasen, they taught the most informative class on MJ (the plant this time) I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Emma answered extemporaneously asked questions and made a power point something worth paying attention to. We took notes on the infinitely interesting Cannabis plant and on our break, someone played a lovely tune on the random art-piano outside the Doug Fir. Perhaps most interesting, was the forty or so folks in the room introducing themselves. Dispensary owners from other states here to check the scene. Topical and edible makers there to brush up on and correct their black market cannabis knowledge. Retirees considering a new gig. Smokers and even a few nonsmokers gathered that Saturday to expand their cannabis knowledge from a reliable source, something quite rare despite the current “green rush”. Altogether, if a weed nerd like me can go home with a notepad full of new and interesting knowledge, any fresh off the bus budtender should do themselves the service of attending the next class. Mary Jane will be hosting classes seasonally and available to educate your dispensary staff as I understand it. Check in and give them a follow over at @sativascienceclub.

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So happy to announce the podcast we’ve had in the works. I met Ed and Caitlin of @CertifiedDank at this year’s Cultivation Classic and after talking Cannabis for 90 minutes that just flew by, I thought it would be good to have an excuse to do that each week. So, we leaned into what we do best, talk about trying to track down the best weed we can get our hands on. It’s great to get the San Francisco and Humbolt perspectives from these Sungrown evangelists while I go on about getting stoned off of a faceful of BHO vapor. We agree and we disagree, we get too stoned and forget what we’re talking about. We laugh a bunch. A steady stream of reccomendations on strains and books and ways to keep your pipes clean. It’s the same sort of conversations you have with your pot snob stoner friends over a glass of fernet or with a few joints of something exotic. It’s been a fun project and I hope you’ll give it a listen (or better yet subscribe!). There are five episodes up now because some nerds on the internet recommended we launch with a few. They’ll be dropping weekly from now on. I’d love to hear feedback and questions and comments are always welcome here or at PotSnobPodcast@gmail.com 🔊 📡

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I’ve been filling my nose with the funk of ChemDog for as long as I can remember. The problem is that like those cutesy floral volatiles that evaporate if you leave the jar open overnight, these vibrant funky flavors of light roasted coffee, sharp acetic notes and animalic must that fade off. Old or improperly cured ChemDog just smells like a musty basement. Alive and well contained like this sample from Nelson and Co, it’s sharp and alluring. A bit like stepping into an animal enclosure at the zoo or burying your nose in just roasted coffee. Tearing into the buds is mounds of bright green trichome coated calyxes throwing off more grease-thick scents on their first exposure to sunlight. The effect here is just as intense. I rolled some up to enjoy while we recorded the most recent episode of PotSnobs and just lost it. Honestly, I have a pretty blunt endocannabinoid system. Most cannabis gives me a fairly similar effect. This batch of ChemDog really did a number on me though. I’d start long sentences with no destination in mind and have grand epiphanies that trickled off into dumb musings. My recording studio (read: home office) bore the stain of pungent smoke for a solid day. For those that love a pungent powerhouse, you can’t really do much better than this. The epitome of loud cannabis, this stuff sells fast when it hits the inventory sheets of budtenders waiting to pounce on the latest drop or the lucky nostrils of unassuming customers stopping in to see what just hit the shelves. Let me know if you catch it around town and I’ll be on my way. Photo and Cultivation Credit to @nelsonandcompany

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