Digging into my archive of notes there’s a few flowers that really stand out to me. The Banana OG from @stonedonthego is easily one of the most interesting cultivars I’ve tried. Unassuming green buds that absolutely reek of banana candy. Even better, the flower is a whole bouquet of banana. Scents of still green bananas, notes of ethylene; the gas that the fruit releases while ripening (funfact: that they also use to artificially ripen bananas). Not super sweet, but there’s also a whole array of banana candy scents. Runts, laffy taffy, and even a bit of those weird yelow sugar-coated marshmallows are all represented here. Adding complexity, a note of tomato leaf, hint of fennel, and a bit of dry pear cider over a base earth note. Effect of the flower is clean and satisfying with a classicly “stoned” feeling. Altogether a great flower to be on the hunt for. Just watch out, there are plenty of strains with banana in the name that lack the stand out nose, it’s worth passing on until you find the real deal. 📸 & 🌱@stonedonthego

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Bred on a Japanese island so isolated that it’s the last bastion for “living artifacts”. Like the Amami rabbit, extinct except for the few found hopping around the island. This worked Japanese strain has a variety of wild expressions, the pheno Fidus honed in on has the bag appeal of the best cookie strains with a profile I haven’t found in anything else. Top notes of anise, berry, and spraypaint flash off as I tear into the flower revealing a sweet and concentrated artificial grape candy flavor and complimentary woodsy scents. All of that over an earthy cooling note I can only describe as “hash”. Test results show nearly 1% Ocimene, which I suspect to be a major component in the unique profile. Mouth coating and clean burning, the effect of this flower is as pronounced as the bag appeal. A few hits have me drifting off and a full gram joint has me sailing away. Heavy and narcotic, this Shiatsu surpasses calming and pushes into muscle relaxation territory. While I’ve enjoyed the @fidusfamilyfarms Shiatsu in the past, this latest batch is truly dialed in. On shelves now in limited quantities @fiduspdx. (full disclosure, yeah, I work at Fidus. If you feel this is some sort of conflict of interest you should swing by and stick your nose in a jar. )📸: @alexmponce

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