I’ve really been enjoying the Monkey Bread from @certifiedpdx. It feels like the sort of herb you’d break out of your weed cellar when the good company comes over. The subtle expressions of Dutch cocoa, savory wheat bread, aged balsamic and vanilla bean make way for complex hints of peach flesh, whiffs of banana ethylene, funky yeast, and spice notes. Altogether a pleasant hashy perfume, doubled by cracking into the trichome laden buds. An in-house cross of Grease Monkey and Forum Cut Cookies, this expression borrows equally from both parents. Highlighting the sweetened bread-forward cookie notes and the interesting funk and trichome coverage of the Grease Monkey. With the softer nose, those chocolaty hash notes that usually get lost in the funk are right up front. Like everything Certified puts up, bag appeal is on point. Lime-rind green with pops of black juxtaposed against snowy white trichomes. Effect is uplifting and mind-shifting. Perfect for canceling plans and going on an impromptu road trip just because the sun is out. Glad to see it up on shelves @portlandextracts , @westernoregonbotanicals , @firesidedispensaryor, and dropping soon at @farma_pdx. Photographed by keen-eyed @mathiasailstock

from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2HNngft

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