More info in previous post. I have to say, I really like this little device. While I’ve got some reservations about what’s actually inside the pods (no farms listed, different processors, different methods of extraction) the unit itself is quite advanced for the market and totally worth a shot for those that rely on cartridges. For one, the app which I expected to be gimmicky is actually worth using to fine-tune adjust the temperature or even lock the device. Handy if the slippery thing slides out of your pocket on Easter and a 4-year-old picks it up (check, this happened). Nice if you feel like swapping out the color palate of the blinky and surprisingly informative LEDs or indulge in one of the Simon-like games while you sit stoned waiting for the bus. It hits like a champ too, you can dial the temperature from 430 to 790 degrees Fahrenheit, so the tradeoff of flavor to vapor production is up to you. Even at temps around 525, I can still get enough vapor to blow decent “smoke” rings and occasionally catch a big enough hit to send me coughing. The Candyland Sauce cart I had was nice, tasty though not too complex, but loved the effect. This Tangie that I’m puffing on now is flavorful but not clementine juice running down your face flavorful, so keep in mind while there are some flavor improvements, we’re still a long way away from true flower flavor or a tasty lung-busting hit of live-resin. Though cost is relative, these things are considerably more than most cartridges. It’s a half gram at the price most full grams are being sold at. You’ll have to weigh if the added tokes due to temp adjustment and leak free design are worth the added cost. If you prize slick design and appreciate fiddle-free function then I think it’s worth throwing this into the rotation and seeing if it’s a good fit. I’ll definitely be checking the pods around town when I gear up for my next road trip. Keep in mind the unit is slick in more than one way, the device slipped out of my pocket again while I was writing this. You’ve been warned. – – – – – – – #🔊💯 #cannabis #cream #ommp #recreational #exoticgenetix #kush #bestinpdx #thc #cbd #weshouldsmoke #joints #dabs #vape #420ph

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