I could see the Pax Era coming from miles away. Pax started as “Ploom” a first era version that had little pods of ground up tobacco that you loaded into a device and vaped. Cute, but fidgety, the product was sold to a Japanese tobacco company after the Pax vape rolled out and outshone the Ploom. Now at this time, the Pax was being sold as a tobacco vaporizer, and a good way to curb tobacco use. We could see from the first models of the Ploom and the fact that this was being designed in cannabis-friendly California that this was all entrée into the cannabis field. Then the Juul launched and now it’s a deep Google search to find out if the Ploom ever even existed. The Juul promised viscous, flavored oil spiked with nicotine in easy to swap pods. The USB sized battery was discreet and easy to use and inevitable stoner ingenuity quickly provided instructions for loading the carts with whatever THC oils you could jam into the thing. I don’t typically enjoy nicotine but I snagged one of the units just to satisfy my curiosity. It was nice. Artificially flavored smoke rings of Creme Brulee and Virginia Tobacco surrounded me in my downtime. I ordered more flavors and got a little too comfortable with my increasing “tobacco” habit. Then, I lost the slippery little thing when it fell out of a pocket at a wedding and I never ordered another. Shrug, fun while it lasted. Of course, the Era was on its way. Pax seems to have embraced their product as a Cannabis vape and stopped the “tobacco use only” nod to headshops. The Era is only for cannabis use, the Juul pods aren’t compatible, but using the same tech are leak free and flavors are easily swapped out. The cartridges themselves are cleverly sold in slick little boxes with child-resistant packaging. I’m a sucker for nice design and this thing has it in spades. Continued in next post! – – – – – – – #🔊💯 #cannabis #paxera #ommp #recreational #exoticgenetix #kush #bestinpdx #thc #cbd #weshouldsmoke #joints #dabs #vape #420photography #spiceoflife #ripcity #oregon #indica #sativa #420friendly #highcbd #pdx #terpenes #trichomes

from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2I1sODU

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