Berries and Creme or “Cremé” if you indulge cute affectations, is a recent addition to the @certifiedpdx line up. A worthy addition too. Bred intentionally in-house (read: not a happy accident) this cross between Grease Monkey from Exotic Genetix and Breeder Steve’s Shiskaberry combines the punch and terps of our modern strains with the variety and complexity of the decades-old favorite. The result has bag appeal that’s off the charts and a subtle flavor that begs for a second impression (and third, then fourth). The flavor here is caramelized sugar, freshly made waffle cone, under-ripe fruit and blackberry bush. A stem rub reveals tomato leaf, black pepper and a whiff of volatile acetone reminiscent of a mid-mural cloud of spray paint. The effect is pronounced. Felt first behind the eyes then spreads and relaxes the rest of my face. Clench released, the clarity of thought assists in a few decisions I’ve been postponing and then I’m right into planning mode. Clearly stoned and positively productive, my favorite. One last thing to point out, this batch tested at something like 12%. I had to go back and read that result three times. I’ve had growers tell me that they had to stop running beautiful plants because they tested too low too often. This just goes to show that THC percentage has been turned into more of a marketing tool than an accurate representation of how well a flower is grown or how that translates to effect. Try this alongside some boofy 31% Banner and taste the difference. On shelves now @farma_pdx , and @archive_portland. Photo 📸 by the talented @mathiasailstock and lifted from the @certifiedpdx feed.

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