Much love to the crew @deschutes.growery. One of the cleanest and most dialed in grows I’ve had the luxury of touring. The stable is no joke! I’m talking mouth-watering strains that beat the trends and don’t give into the hype. I’ve seen plenty of farms out there trying to grab a piece of the market with the same 12 flavors that are already on shelves. Then there’s a crew like @deschutes.growery offering up limited drops of that hard-to-find super dank. Speaking of, if you’ve come across their expression of #MAC1 then you’ve encountered some of the best Cannabis in Oregon. Believe me, I’ve checked. The only thing better than burning the last Mac nug was to connect with @erik.nugshots and @theweedcritic. This lovely lady on the chopping block (maybe it was StarDog?) had me surreptitiously fumbling with my phone to take a quick pic. I’m officially waiting for it to hit shelves and (after I grab some) I’ll let you know when it drops. 📸📱

from Instagram:

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