Thoroughly enjoying this Key Lime Pie rosin with material cultivated by @phoenixrisingfarm and washed by the wizards @permasolventless . If you’ve been holding off on trying their Rosin, this is a great example of their work and you should grab some before it’s gone. Translucent, clean, and full of flavor. Intense and sweet whipped cream scents bordering on white chocolate, plenty of layered floral leaning citrus. Lemon without the acid, sweet candy that evokes green lifesavers balanced by hints of lime leaf and peppery arugula. Notes of strawberry gummies and watermelon bubblegum brighten up when it hits the hot quartz. It melts cleanly and vaporizes into a voluminous but smooth lungful. The effect is that perfect mix of functional and potent. This is some “take a dab and go handle your business” type stuff. I must’ve handled quite a bit since I’m stuck scraping the bottom of the jar. I guess I’ll just have to add “stop @alt.remedies ” to the top of my to-do list if I’m going to get anything accomplished today. 📸 by always-on-point @stonedonthego — Ryan Herron Sales Movement Distribution (m) 971.803.2058

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