Riversong, another stand out offering by the crew @geekfarms impresses with its soft (but not subtle) scent of bold blueberry fragrance and complex bouquet of floral top notes. No gas here, just fruit with soft and sophisticated floral aromas. The lineage here is fun to unpack, BlueJ X Dr. Who. BlueJ being a cross of Jilly Bean and Oregon Blues. Both show through in this expression. The structure of the Riversong is very reminiscent of Jilly Bean with large nugs that hold clusters of easily separated calyxes. With this airy structure, each gram easily looks like two. Blueberry scents steal the show. Like the classic DJ Short strain amped up with greasy Dr. Who hash notes alongside lighter iris and sleepy chamomile. Sweet blueberry absolutely carries over to the inhale and the buds burn characteristically down to white ash, pleasant through and through. The effect is also heavier than most fruit-forward strains. Both joints gave me a relaxing laissez-faire attitude, where the only thing that seemed certain was picking up some more Riversong. Expertly snapped by @northwestgreensphoto and (last I checked) on shelves @naturalwonders.pdx and @oregonsfinestofficial

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2CTILJ1

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