I’ve wanted to write about the Astral OG for a while now. It’s that perfect mix of interesting story and great flower that still ends up better than the sum of its parts. The flower is good, really good actually. Cultivated and bred by @tenfourfarms, the nose is a bouquet of gassy sweetness with rich chocolate wafer undertones. Tart whiffs of lemon cake, cedar, pine, and top notes of sweetened baking spices. The bag appeal is fantastic, of course. Which is probably why producers @burnmoneymusic, chose it as a unique marketing tool. Astral OG (pronounced “astrology”) takes its moniker from local musician @Astral_OG (also, pronounced “astrology”). Yes- this is technically a celebrity strain. With Snoop’s name on vaporizers and Marley’s on some mystery flower, should we be surprised that this unique expression of Headband X Platinum GSC gets a little co-branding? I met with the BurnMoney guys and they’re young, hard-hustling industry dudes that know good flower when they see it. They’re also down to try things and see if they stick. Shopping around to farms for another well-known musician for a deal that eventually died on the vine, they saw the possibility of snatching up a unique flower that represents their brand and tied an up and coming act to it. Celebrities hawking bottles of perfume with their face on it is pretty cringe-worthy but musicians embracing cannabis is still celebrated. Hard to decide where I fall on the subject of co-branded cannabis. With all of the farms showing musicians and reps around and entertaining offers, I’m sure we will be seeing more of it on shelves soon. For now, I’ll side with the flower. I’ve enjoyed the Astral OG everytime I’ve come across it. Killer bag appeal, excellent combination of OG and Cookie taste and the cerebral day-dreamy effect make it better than almost every other cookie cross on the shelf. The old adage stands -What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. 📸@northwestgreensphoto Found reliably at @naturalwonders.pdx , stuffed in @greenbox_pdx and on shelves in hash and flower form @alt.remedies

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2BrPlpJ