I pronounce that “R” each and every time. I grew up in the Midwest and called it SherbeRt and was surprised to notice that my mind had been reading this word wrong my whole life. I guess I’m not the only one. The word itself has its roots in Turkish and Persian –Turkish şerbet, from Persian sharbat, and from Arabic sharba , for drink. And the dessert is a bastardized cross between sorbet and ice cream. Even in 1939 the somewhat popular song “Shoot the Sherbert to me Herbert” got the ball rolling with the popular mispronouncing. Mostly, we just like stuff that rhymes. Especially English speakers, our brains crave alliteration and simple rhymes. So, you hear the word mispronounced a couple times and then your dumb brain takes the path of least resistance and throws in an extra consonant. I don’t care for the original spelling. It’s awkward and sounds weird when you say it out loud. From now on, it’s Sherbert in my mind, and not because I’m lazy and like my strains to fit into rhyme schemes but because we need to decide how to say this word. With all of the dessert strains and Sherbert crosses hitting the shelves it’s time once and for all to decide.

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I have to say carving an ice-bong with @iceovation and @the.dailyleaf was one of the highlights of my summer. James is one of those unique individuals who is living the dream. People connect with his art and enthusiasm whether that’s admiring a life size ice cowboy or taking a lung busting hit off of a work of melty functional art. Truly appreciated his approach and guided instructions. Now, my piece won’t be making it into any galleries but the experience is going to last a lot longer than the block of ice did. @iceovation is available for small, personalized carving classes and dramatic works of ice art. Those of you planning the next big industry party should hit him up now or suffer “where’s the ice-bong?” questions for the entire night. Catch the full impression and a rad time lapse vid over on @the.dailyleaf site.

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