Just noticed this piece I wrote for Dope is up online. I nerded out about how mushrooms will come in handy for deep space travel. The things I think about about when stoned! Turns out, mushrooms are good for everything from medicine to rocket fuel. Also, I got to see “a mere pancakes worth of syrup” in print so that’s a win. Check it out the next time you’re in the mood to think about the possibilities of fungus or you know, just get outside and find a mushroom to admire.

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Dark flecks of purple over conifer green and frostier than last January. This Chocolate Kush cultivated by @tjsorganicgardens is a visual stunner with a unique sweet and bitter profile I rarely encounter in cannabis. Milk chocolate in the jar. Cracking into the nugs reveals a sweetened coffee and cream scent. Bitter light roasted coffee notes flashing off over sugar cane and baking spices. A refreshing note of riverwater alongside a sweet and resinous hash note. Sticky, but not enough to make rolling a joint a chore. Just as balanced, the effect is rather light. The budtender told me it’s his “afternoon off” weed, which I suspected is his way of saying “this is the bowl I smoke on the way to work”. Who can blame him? Probably the most complimentary wake and bake flower and truly excellent alongside a cup of black coffee, especially if you find yourself sipping one in the early morning before the rest of the world wakes up. 📍@visit_tjs and snapped by the inimitable @northwestgreensphoto

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The color purple in cannabis is often associated with those musty berry scents, but this twenty year old cultivar by @nelsonandcompany, known as Eugene Purps displays an old school, violet striped interior with spicy incense and fermented fruit notes. The purple here is mostly revealed after cracking into the buds, and lighter in color than the midnight purple of most “modern” strains. The heavy volatile note is half baking spices and half unleaded gas. Nutmeg and sandalwood alongside vintage car with an herbal top note of fennel leaning licorice and a whiff of pleasing lemony funk. The nose altogether reads a bit like Tepache, the spiced and fermented pineapple drink. The flower is just as enjoyable as a gallon of the stuff. A joy to break down and a pleasing hash taste on the exhale. The sort of flower I love to fill a joint with just to scent my surroundings. Effect here is pleasant and day dreamy, so if you see me posted up at some sidewalk cafe staring into the middle distance I’ll likely have some on me. Part of a test run, we might see this on shelves if it gets the thumbs up. 📸@stonedonthego

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