Washington’s insane packaging requirements insist all product be sealed before it makes its way to the dispensary. Bag appeal alone sells most of the flower north of the border. With no opportunity to put a nose in the jar, I grabbed this @gabriel_cannabis Sherbet based on looks and name familiarity and was pleasantly surprised. The Budtender @thebakereewashington_ referred to this as “The Push Pop Pheno” and the farm confirmed it as the Rainbow Sherbet cut by Jigga himself. I did think this was a particularly aromatic batch of Sherbet. One of the darkest expressions I’ve seen as well. Drop dead sexy with black accents against the silver sheen of the flower and a thick slathering of trichomes across each bud. Find myself admiring the jar like it’s past midnight and I just lustily locked eyes with a chocolate cake. The dessert comparison is apt for something so greasy and frosted with hints of vanilla and a sweet volatile that evokes marble cake just out of the oven. It’s not all chocolate and vanilla here, there’s rich and rotting forest soil, a hint of peach nectar and a nice malt note that had me coming back for a second impression. Chem scents make up the rest of the nose. Kids from the eighties who accidentally inhaled half a can of colorful Halloween hairspray might recognize that familiar sweet and evaporative top note. If not, a good Amnesia Haze will give you a close approximation of the chemical scents in this, round and sweet. Not sure if the effect is introspective or distracting but more than once I found myself lost in thought taking a deep draw and noticing “Oh, it’s not lit.” On shelves now @thebakereewashington_ and other shops in Seattle that carry @gabriel_cannabis (who I also lifted the image from).

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It seems like it took forever but we’re firmly in the lead up to summer. That means it’s time to roll one on your way out the door. Let the Universe know you’re prepared to run into an old friend or make a new one. That’s exactly how I enjoyed this Platinum Girl Scout Cookies from @tjsorganicgardens. This great shot by @no.lens.cap captures @sole.sunshine and the mood of the Platinum perfectly. The absolute absence of stress (though this rare sunlight might be a contributing factor). In the air the scent is distinct, “cookies”. That greasy motor oil scent with a strong newly oiled leather note and plenty of garden box soil aromas. Breaking up this flower reveals a heavy fuel-scented volatile that’s so thick I imagine it bending the air around it like a heat mirage on a desert highway. Chocolatey on the exhale, the rich soil and slight cooling kush note makes this flower stand out against the other unique Cookie expressions. Sweet without leaning too hard on the baked goods profile. As expected from the quality folks at @tjsorganicgardens this flower is stunning. Practically glow-in-the-dark with it’s “crystal” laden trichome coverage and superior expression of color. All around an excellent strain and a reminder that it’s still hard to beat a good round of Platinum. Pick what you are rolling up on your way out the door carefully. You’ll want to be prepared for anything this warm weather throws your way. On shelves now @officialfivezerotrees

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The first in our Inked series. Chad @greenideasportland . His tattoo inspired by a botanical drawing of the plant and executed by Jerry Ware @atlastattoo. A work in progress, this started as a forearm piece but like most weeds continues to grow. Eventually, it will cover his shoulder blending into and overtaking older work. As a grower and farm owner, Chad decided to naturally extend a personal piece that could be covered with a sleeve to downright cover his hand. Left of course since that’s his dominant hand. Now there’s no mistaking the tell-tale leaves. Surprisingly, beyond the fistbumps he gets from admirers you would be surprised by the conversations this eye-catching piece starts with sweet older ladies at the grocery store (who, we can all admit, smoke more that you would think). Chad turned what was a personal piece into a statement. Growing is a lifestyle and something he’s 100 percent committed to. Declarations like this stand out as an impressive ode to your craft and a commitment to quality and follow through. I’ll be following both @greenideasportland and @atlastattoo work from now on and you should too. More shots in this series from the super talented Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen on the way, so stay tuned.

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Instant nostalgia. That’s how I felt breaking into a jar of @tjsorganicgardens Durban Poison. You see, I had been low-key searching for this flower for the last 15 years. Long story short, I came across some island-grown when living in Maui in the early 2000’s. That flower was otherworldly, like no other cannabis that had crossed my nostrils. Fuel and fruit with a backbone of coffee character and like everything else, unlabeled. I’ve had Durban Poison a handful of times since then but it wasn’t until I cracked these nugs that the scent memory came rushing back. Bazooka Joe wrapped bubble gum with a volatile chem note that reminds me of nail polish remover. A strong floral accent that’s mostly iris with a little overripe tropical fruit and a whiff of glue to keep it all together. Lightly roasted coffee in a stem rub and in the exhale. Effect was a pronounced jolt of energy (or at least that’s what I told myself to start working on the lawn). A unique strain that’s been kicking around for over 30 years and made its way into the lineage of some of my favorites. A classic absolutely, but not in that way you’d call some strains “old school” because they’ve been outclassed. Instead, this unique flower stands apart from most others, earning its way onto the shelf or in your head stash. On shelves now @officialfivezerotrees and most spots where @tjsorganicgardens flower is found. 📸: @ktnmoss

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Staring at this piece of @tenfourfarms Lemonade with big, heart-shaped eyes. The scent of a newly painted lemonade stand coupled with nearly hypnotic bag appeal. Forest green buds made of chunky calyxes that occasionally sport a band of deep purple. Incredible trichome coverage, most easily admired on the bud’s underside. Scent is juicy lemonade and a chem note that’s part wet paint and part artificial bubblegum. Sour citrus volatile when breaking into the buds, marshmallow, white chocolate, wet cement. What works best here is the combination of these scents, very round and balanced which I can’t say for a lot of flowers. At its core a fruity scent with pops of concentrated candy flavors over a refreshing earthy note. The 13.77 THC percentage here is proof that it’s about the nose and not the numbers. This flower left me pleasantly stoned with a silly grin on my face, wandering the neighborhood in search of an actual lemonade stand. This strain bred right here in Oregon by @mountainview_highgenetics Cultivated by @tenfourfarms and Photographed by @stonedonthego

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Winner of the Indoor THC category @cultivationclassic, Sour Tangie from @tenfourfarms. This beauty is all nose. A citrus bouquet of orange, canned grapefruit juice and lemon cadies followed by a hint of middle school gym class funk and a sweet character that touches on lavender and lemon cake. The sour here shines thorough more like tart green apple than acidic orange juice. Heavy citrus sillage on this one and breaking up a generous joint fills the room with scent. Calyxes are frosty down to the tips of the pistils and crumble instead of separate. A bit of cedar in a stem rub though honestly, the stems here are nearly nonexistent. The effect is zoney and left me a bit tongue-tied. Like the rest of the winners, this was logged into the @phylosbioscience Galaxy. With constant improvements, it’s really worth revisiting from time to time. The genetic novelty score and population profiles are interesting and the addition of genetically distant varieties should make for some interesting crosses. Enjoy this one with a bit of bourbon to take advantage of the cannabis provided orange twist and wind down with the ideal night cap. 📸 @stonedonthego

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