Quick pic from my trip to @ivyatjantzenbeach. Hard to beat the large clone room that looks down on in the houseboats. Budtenders here are some of my favorite folks and I was gobsmacked by some of the quality on their shelves. If you find yourself up near Jantzen Beach kick on over and check the place out. I shot this pic because of my minor obsession with shop-dogs but you can get a better look at the place in this month’s Dope magazine (oh and hey, I wrote the impression there too).

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An extension of the Lemon Iceroad Trucker search @top.grade.medical is nice enough to include me in. This is the #1 expression with an airy bud structure and the frostiest yet. Top note of cotton candy and sugary artificial berry flavored candies. Pleasing Osmanthus flower scent in the jar that reminds me of oil packed kalamata olives. Whiff of fennel when cracking into the buds and more of that berry candy scent with added citrus. Bit of underripe raspberry on a stem rub and sugar packet sweetness on my fingers after breaking it up. Effect is just as pleasant as the scent with daydreams on top of robotic focus. Likely ideal for long-haul truckers or weeding the veggie garden. Let’s see if this one ends up being the keeper in the series. Appreciate @stonedonthego who gave nod of approval and took a few killer shots.

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A little more of the Nepalese Kush from @evanscreekfarms just hit the shelves at @archiveportland and I have to say the previous drop was some of the frostiest flower I’ve laid eyes on. Extraordinary bag appeal with dark indigo accents and a positively caked backside. Calyxes nearly crumble off the stem into frosty little piles and it’s plain to see why this is called a double hashplant. Top note is chalky candies with a berry sweet and floral violet note. A hint of citrus and clove middle note over funky coffee breath base and a bit of vanilla cake to round it all out. Effect is old school indica with an instant relaxation and a downright slowing of the senses. Speaking of slow, you better be quick to pick this one up, the last drop was gone before we could get a proper impression up. 🌱📸: @evanscreekfarms

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Thinking back on a rainy day waterfall hike with some out-of-town friends. They loved the Oregon weed scene but lamented over the lack of smoke spots. So we hit a few waterfalls, brewed coffee in the woods and enjoyed some fine flower in an idyllic setting. Though I can’t wait for the day we can responsibly light up in the lounge of our choice, I have to admit we’ve got it pretty good when it comes to natural smoke spots. I’m filling the calendar with easy hikes and would love to hear some of your favorite summer spots!

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I love a good twist on an old favorite (especially if that twist is followed by licking the joint shut). This GG#12 bred by @mountainview_highgenetics and cultivated by @evanscreekfarms is everything I like about its parent strains in one sweetly scented package. This Gorilla Glue #4 and Golden Ticket Chernobyl cross keeps the dense trichome coverage of the Gorilla Glue and applies a double coating of lemon-lime fruit and funk. Visually, the buds have that near yellow display of well-grown Glue with glowing green under a blanket of pale trichomes. Cracking the jar releases a scent that highlights the cool clean kush top note and tearing into the buds releases tropical forest scents, floral marigold and hints of creamy cantaloupe. The buds break down into pleasing chunks that flake off a bowl at a time. Beefy, individual calyxes scatter over my rolling tray and I break up more than I need for a joint just for the hell of it. The base notes of lightly roasted coffee and evaporative black pepper are just present enough to remind you there’s a little Gorilla amidst the citrus groves. It’s rare I come across something so resinous and flavorful and I have to say I enjoyed this flower down to the last trich coated stem. Absolutely a new favorite. The latest batch @archiveportland went pretty fast but I’ll keep an eye out for future drops so you don’t miss out on the next round. 📸: @no.lens.cap 🌱:@evanscreekfarms

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Revisiting an old favorite and crowd pleaser, this True Blueberry grown by @fidusfamilyfarms is DJ Short’s recreation of his classic Blueberry, (yeah that Blueberry) using a larger selection. The result is candy forward flower that radiates with fresh fruit and complimentary aromas. Berries and cream in the jar and raspberry candy when you first crack into a bud. Slight whiff of applesauce that leads right into clove, cinnamon, nutmeg. Especially pungent after tearing into the flower. Blueberry fruit, both ripe and green. Grape leaf and melon rind round out the herbaceous green notes. Bit of citrus on my fingers after breaking it down. The effect is nice and even, the quintessential example of relaxed and pleasant. Word is that this flower ages well too, so maybe buy a little extra for the head stash. On shelves now @herbal_remedies_503 📸 @stellascannabis

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