Had a blast on @high5tours touring dispensaries and smoking joints in between stops. I expected to hop on the tour with a handful of tourists and hit up two or three of the usual dispensaries. Instead, a group of friendly faces, some familiar and some from out of town met me at the waterfront and bussed us wherever we wanted to go on a whim. The driver announced, “You know the good thing about a bus? It goes where we drive it.” Enough said, let’s go. I threw out a list of my favorites and we were on our way. Until one of the passengers announced that he had left his ID at his girlfriends. In Milwaukie. “Mind if we take a run up there?” Sam asked. We all shrugged, and we we’re off. Joints were passed around, restaurants were recommended and we had the inevitable Bluestar vs Voodoo discussion. We pull up the bright yellow weed bus to the girlfriends cul-de-sac, dude is in and out in 30 seconds and we’re back on the road. Sam had been searching the whole way for highly rated dispensaries nearby and we hit four dispensaries (all new to me) on our way back to PDX. I arrived at my car, because that’s where they dropped me off, and gave a quick goodbye to the folks on their way to get down on some grub. Bag full of new strains and a few new shops I’ll visit again. A pleasure and surprise to spend a few hours hitting shops with the added bonus of blazing on the way. Ideal if you’ve got some friends in town and would rather let someone else do the driving. You really can’t beat the customizable trip and Sam had been to most shops in town so you could ask for a trip catered for top tier shops or cruise around for deals. Two tours a day and available for your bachelor party, brunch wake and bake or dispensary employee appreciation day. Hit them up @high5tours

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Jumped at the chance to compare phenos of @therealcannarado bred Lemon Betty cultivated by @resin_ranchers.pdx . This Headwrecker X Lemon OG cross stays true to its name with real lemon scents highlighted with sweet cakey flavors and the occasional note of funk. Starting from the left, The #10 selection lacks the purple accents of the others and most of the lemon punch but sports a subtle symphony of sticky lemon scents with a light herbal top note. Lemonade and Limoncello highlighted by licorice accents and a vanilla frosting topped slice of funky lemon cake. A stoney effect that surprised me for how strong citrus strains typically affect me. The #3 (far right) expression had less of a sweet character but still impressed with its grassy funk and floor cleaner strength grapefruit scent. Overripe lemon and a whiff of caramelized sugars coupled with fantastic bag appeal make this an easy grab from the dispensary. The dissociative effect gives it a powerful punch with an element of time travel and really sets this one apart from the other samples. Impressive flower, but it’s not the winner of the bunch. The nose knows, and #6, dead center, takes the cake with vanilla icing accents, a volatile lemonhead candy top note, and base of butterscotch candy. Plus its chunky calyxes, crayon purple accents and the thick layer of frost give it the looks of a Hightimes centerfold. This had the most balanced of the scents, round and sweet with caramel accents and a hint of cool watermelon rind. Can’t ask for much more in a flower, though this one had a rather subtle, but pleasant effect. Go up to @archiveportland soon if you want to catch the whole deck. I’d love to see more side by side phenos on shelves, and Im very interested to hear your opinion if you’ve tried any or all of them.

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Really enjoyed the Sci-Fi by collaborators @highcountryorganicfarms and @collectiveaction. This Schrom PSA X White Fire OG expression keeps the lemon lime soda profile from the Schrom and rounds it out with floral Kush notes and subtle tropical scents. You can almost smell the sun on this flower. Lime candy with a hint of those melty buttermints. Tropical without being fruity, I catch hints of coconut suntan lotion, sea breeze and a pop of lime without the acid. Tearing into the flower releases more of that well-rounded citrus and a hint of cooling volatile that’s just short of menthol. Sweet hash scents from a stem rub and ripe green apple on the exhale. Clean burning, the joint I smoked left me cool and collected. Great strain for settling in with a mountain of paperwork or doing some deep research on which ice cream places deliver. Some lucky @cultivationclassic judges ended up with this flower in their kits and we expect to see it in greater quantities this fall. Shot and styled by Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen

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You know I’m a sucker for bag appeal and the Nightmare Cookies from @skordmarijuana is possibly the best looking buds I’ve come across. Typical for Skörd flower, this is overly caked in golden trichomes with tell tale pops of the purple accents typical of cookie crosses. This is not powerfully scented rather subtle noted of sweet fruit cereal, sugar cookie dough and vanilla bean stand on their own and mingle pleasantly. Hints of light tropical fruit and chamomile make up the lighter top notes and the middle is just tart enough to hint at ripe raspberry. Altogether really pleasant flower with a light profile and not so subtle effects. This flower puts me right to sleep and I’ve had to caution myself from tackling any projects after smoking it. Reliably found @highendmarketplace_ 📸 @northwestgreensphoto

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