Earlier this year the FDA issued a warning to CBD consumers and producers. Many products for sale, many by opportunistic supplement companies, were found to contain fractions of the advertised cannabinoid content. Some tested at .02%! With the benefits of CBD gaining mindshare, I thought I would search out a company that sourced and produced their product using American grown hemp. While my personal preference is sourced from cannabis, hemp sourced from the US is an excellent alternative if you’re avoiding THC altogether and nervous about CBD derived from sources such as flax seed. Infinite CBD is produced in Colorado from locally grown hemp, blended with coconut oil, and easily dosed with the measured dropper. A few drops in the morning (I aim for 5mg) helps me focus and goes great alongside my morning coffee. Users with higher demands might find it easily incorporated into a hot cup of tea with a splash of milk. Allowing you to titrate your own dose makes it a lot easier to adjust your intake. Also considering drops for our aging dog, I noticed a bottle of CBD oil at the pet store with half the potency and double the price. Will report back and let you know if man’s best friend benefits from it as much as I do. 📸: Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen

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Thanks for the brief hiatus! It’s so much easier to enjoy family, friends and good cannabis when you don’t have to think too much about it. We’re back with some really fantastic VCDC hunted and cultivated by @sconnielighting. This Skunk Hybrid X ACDC keeper is testing at a very nice 1:1 balance of THC and CBD. The great thing about all of the CBD dominant crosses grabbing attention is that vigor and flavor are being bred into medicinal lines. The effect of the VCDC is light and calming. Mood improvement by the puff. Tasty, too. Zoom in on the pic to get a closer look at the trichome-laden buds, ripe and oozing well-cured character. Cheesy in the jar, there’s a surprising Bubblegum character on closer inspection. Tearing into the buds reveals grapevine, grape candy, nail polish, a fresh dirt scent that reminds me of playing in the mud. Absolute stickiness lends a tactile element to the sweet character, reminiscent of a melted popsicle and impossible to shake without washing your hands. A note of citric acid sour, a whiff of Juicy Fruit that betrays the ACDC lineage. Iris flower on the stem rub and a lasting limeade note on my fingers after I’ve rolled a joint. Dense and greasy enough that I’d be interested to see it in the rosin press for a fresh dab or two. A tasty and varied example of what we’ll see as growers continue working and selecting for interesting cannabinoid profiles. This pheno is in its second round now and I’ll be watching the next crop with bated breath. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when it hits shelves. Beauty shot by Brenda Rose 📸:@stumptowngreen. 🌱:@sconnielighting

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Grand Cru is a specific wine term and a French one. Originally part of France’s effort to protect the geography and quality of their wine (and later everything from cheese to lavender). The term Cru refers to a region, or cultivated area; the terroir of the space. Grand Cru refers to a particular area that has built up a good reputation of producing wine with stellar results. It’s rewarding the people who work the land and the land itself. An effort to recognize both and designate this as a product of care and quality. The thing about these specific terms of quality is that outside of wine, you can slap it on any label quality or not. Here it’s being used to elevate these Geisha beans, a rare lot of coffee bought up and bottled by Stumptown. Though Nespresso uses the term to sell their instant coffee pods so it really means nothing in the world of coffee. How do you all feel about terms like this applied to Cannabis? Oregon has a unique terroir, some of the best Cannabis on earth can be found here. Do we celebrate that with its own designation? Is it okay to call premium cannabis anything other than “Top shelf”? Interested to hear your thoughts. 📸:Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen

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Weather, weddings, sickness and the Election have left us pretty light on content this week. That doesn’t mean we aren’t out here battling the rain to preview dispensaries and taking copious notes on quality Cannabis. Seems like a fitting time to offer an easy download of the tasting sheet I use on a daily basis. I like to print two to a page and leave them near the coffee table. Great way to get your thoughts on paper and always fun to flip through the stack. http://ift.tt/2gizzGx (Link in bio) Questions, comments, criticisms highly encouraged!

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