We hope you are handing out the good stuff tonight. I’ll take my yearly bite of Candy Corn, make a face, and go back to devouring orange KitKats before the neighborhood kids get to them. Look, I get that Candy Corn feels like part of Halloween but I’m not suggesting you eat it and I especially don’t think you should hand it out to innocent children. For one, it’s old. It was first made in the 1880’s and you can tell they didn’t think very highly of it because it was called ‘Chicken Feed’ for about 40 years. The flavor is basically all of the lame stuff they had laying around an old tymey candy factory. Starchy cake frosting, vanilla, and marshmallow make up the trifecta of “flavors”. Seriously, the colors actually represent different flavors. Try them individually if you dare. I do say dare, because after looking into the ingredients I’m not too excited about my yearly bite. One of the main ingredients is wax (though you could probably guess that) but diving into “confectioners glaze” was a bit of a surprise. The shellac is derived from a resin created by an insect’s hard, waterproof cocoon. So, yeah, if you thought Candy Corn tastes like earwig-wax you aren’t too far off. On the other hand, without fail every year I still buy a bag of the stuff. Halloween would be missing something without it. I’m going smoke this @upliftedfarms joint of Golden Ticket, and likely eat a few pieces for science. Wish me luck. 📸:@ktnmoss #trickortreat #dontgivekidscannabis #candycornconnoiseur

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Haiku grown by Toro Ma (you know, the folks behind the rad strain specific chocolate) has me attempting poetry for the first time since creative writing class. Here goes. Flower and flavor Jasmine! Rose, Berry, Lychee Opium exhale 😤 Okay, 17 syllables is too limiting to describe this subtle but fantastic flower. Florist thick Jasmine flower provides a flowery base that reminds me of summer. Especially under garden rose, wild raspberry and syrupy sweet lychee or canned pear. Menthol cool exhale with a touch of oily opium incense. Worth going out of your way for if you’ve ever caught a whiff of jasmine in full bloom that stopped you in your tracks. Photographed in the perfect setting by @michaelm_44 🛎:@farma_pdx 🌲:@toro.ma

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A slight throwback to a flower I really enjoyed but failed to find the time to talk about. Orange Cream from Tree Trunk Farms. On the menu with a handful of their other Cookies and Cream crosses (this being crossed with Orange Valley OG) I’m sad I didn’t grab them all right then to compare and contrast. This flower had a wonderful oily orange flavor that reminded me of those old school two-to-a-pack orange popsicles. Running the buds through a grinder exposed a sweet and sour passion fruit and tropical fruit punch aroma that was hard to put down. Slint hint of vanilla cookie approaches a creamsicle note but ends up buried under orange candy. Effect was mind clearing to the point of zoning out plus a bit of energy to keep you from getting stuck in one spot. Would be perfect for examining the Warhol exhibit or getting truly lost in a corn maze. Damn, should’ve stocked up. 🛎:@treehousecollective 🌲:@treetrunkfarms 📸:@ktnmoss

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While I’m not the sort of nerd that watches Dr. Who, I can dive into the lineage and really geek out on this Tardis grown by @turtle_trees. Especially with its overwhelming grape candy flavor and aroma. Eye widening Grape pez scent in the jar and plenty of Blueberry candy on closer inspection. Sweet and subtle fruit notes when you break into the flower, right where cucumber meets cantaloupe. A hint of caraway and peppermint add even more character. Altogether one of the most candy forward flowers I’ve encountered. Back to the lineage, this @homegrownnaturalwonders cross of Oregon Diesel and TimeWreck takes an Oregonian favorite and combines it with a the progeny of Vortex (Space Queen X Apollo 13) and Blood Wreck (Chernobyl X QrazyTrain). The mix achieves a unique aroma profile and interesting bag appeal worth keeping around just to show off. I didn’t time travel or jump into another persons body (was that just a Quantum Leap thing?) but I did triple check my jar to make certain I had smoked up every last trichomes of this unique flower. 📸:@northwestgreensphoto 🌲:@turtle_trees

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Quick preview of our sit down with @fidusfamilyfarms. Always a pleasure to see producers who build their grows based on ethics over yields. These guys really care about the unique expressions of each individual plant. From pheno hunting nearly their whole stable to rethinking canopy size to maximize individuality. Really excited to tear into this Quantum Kush No. 4 by @homegrownnaturalwonders. This bag smelled like butterscotch and caramel corn! Full impression coming soon. 📸:@ktnmoss

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I stopped @archiveseedbank just before they closed on Sunday and the Silvertip absolutely stole my attention. A cross between Granddaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze, this cut originally made its way from Montana to Oregon through visiting fishing buddies. While the aroma isn’t overpowering, the scent is top notch. A light berry scent in the jar and purple fruit snacks on the exhale. Breaking into the over frosted buds exposes pent up Grandaddy Purple scents. Licorice and gas fumes easily overpower the subtle berry notes but quickly flash off leaving more grape and a hint of dried tropical fruit. Velvety purple leaves practically blanket the calyxes and the underside of each bud is caked in trichomes. Buds are dense and a joy to break up by hand but still need a pass through the grinder. After a joint, I felt a cerebral raciness that quickly settled into a relaxed but productive headspace. A standout on the already fine shelves at Archive, I’ll be grabbing more unless you beat me to it. 📸: @northwestgreensphoto

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It’s been a full year here @theloud100 and I’m still thinking about this Cherry Poppins hunted and grown by @novusrosa. Here’s my description from last march, Photo credit going to the supremely talented @northwestgreensphoto Love the color and structure of this Cherry Poppins ” The best word to describe it? Greasy. Dark chocolate and artificial cherry notes make me want to declare this a cherry cordial made with motor oil. Easy to find some cherry cough syrup in the aroma especially when you catch a little menthol in the exhale. A hint of black licorice lends to medicinal angle but then you catch tart cherry and you’re back into candy territory. (Cherry pie x Guard Dawg f2). Bred by @gratefulgardens. I’m pretty sure we should see more of this unique flower on shelves soon. Don’t pass it up.

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We’re celebrating 1 year of @theloud100 all week! Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite moments from the last twelve months. Amnesia Haze, Candyland, Harley- Tsu! First up is the @farma_pdx menu from the second week of open Rec sales last October. The combination of knowledgeable staff, excellent menu and well designed space was the perfect intro on our quest to highlight quality cannabis. It’s a single shot of a menu and not a glittering bud but it represents exactly what we aim to find. Even condensed into a little Instagram icon, I still dig it. From our very first shoot with Paul and Brenda @stumptowngreen

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