White Tahoe Cookies from Archive

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/28UjO5j
The White Tahoe Cookies (listed as White/Tahoe x Cookies) were an easy grab. The jar @archiveportland was full of exactly what I look for in a Cookies cross, bag appeal, dense bud structure and a sweet shortbread aroma. I love how frosty these buds were, you could just barely make out the purple accents under the blanket of trichomes. Recognizable leather and sweet aged hash notes reminiscent of Animal Cookies with an added hint of classic car exhaust. A bit of old school bubblegum is a welcome note as you break into the lavender striped nugs with the familiar tight clustered Cookies structure. Everyone who sampled remarked on the surprising honeyed and sweet exhale. Really a fun strain to smoke and a standout against the Gelato and Do-si-dos it was sampled with. As far as “sweet” tasting strains go this one is hard to beat. On shelves now @archiveportland. Glamour 📸 by Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen

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  1. Rob says:

    I am in week 6 of flower with the cut I got from archiveseedbank in Portland. We were the second in line for the highly anticipated clone drop and it was well worth the wait. With a limit of two clones per customer it went without saying that my son & I grabbed two each. Now being ran in 3 different scenarios in my garden. First the plant in week 6 of bud is in Coco and producing some of the best bud I’ve ever had in my garde . Second run will be in our 18 site undercurrent & third in soi . Based on what I’ve seen so far she’s a solid 9.5-10 on the cookie scale. Easy to grow as she is way more aggressive then any cookie strain & she’s gonna reward with a heavier harvest. My little coco plant is only 14 in. Tall and will easily be 2.5-3 oz. Can’t wait to see how she does in the RDWC Undercurrent system. Kudos to @kush4breakfast on Instagram for creating this truely beautiful cultivar.


    1. TheLoud100 says:

      Yes! I’m really excited to see what results other growers are getting since this cut was released. Has a special part in the cookie part of my heart. Thanks for the input and I would love to see your final product.


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