Interesting and educational visit with @trueterpenes Terpene isolation is fascinating. It’s dialing in on and selecting for a single aromatic hydrocarbon. Inspired by the over 120 terpenes found in Cannabis (and recognizing the plethora of uses for these compounds) True Terpenes produces plant derived, organic, non gmo terps tested for purity and highly concentrated. If you happen to stick your nose in a bottle of pure myrcene it can be a bit intense, but in a way that’s a bit like tracking down that perfume you’ve been searching for and dousing yourself with the open bottle. We read terpene test results often and it’s always like looking at a recipe instead of eating the dish so it’s very interesting to experience these aromas on their own, sort of put a name to the face. Now that I’ve got a better idea of what single compounds smell like I can better gauge if the aroma I experience with cannabis is reminiscent of a spring pine forest or straight up alpha-pinene, likely it’s both. There’s plenty of uses for terpenes from acne to anxiety and really we’re just starting to scratch the surface. The combinations and stacked effects are almost infinite. Looking forward to sharing a bit more about our visit this week including a custom blend we carefully mixed for personal use. I highly recommend checking their site and keeping an eye on their feed to check out their rapidly expanding line of aromas and products.

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Upcoming: visit to Satchel

from Instagram: Great visit to Satchel in North Portland today. Curated selection with a personable staff. Impression accompanied by Vid and stills from @stumptowngreen coming soon. Don’t touch that dial ๐Ÿ“บ.

Paper making vid at Pulp & Deckle

โ€‹โ€‹ Happy to share the paper making process in time for the mobile Pulp & Deckle studio Kickstarter. So fascinating. Thanks to Paul Grupp @stumptowngreen for shooting and editing this piece!

White Tahoe Cookies from Archive

from Instagram: The White Tahoe Cookies (listed as White/Tahoe x Cookies) were an easy grab. The jar @archiveportland was full of exactly what I look for in a Cookies cross, bag appeal, dense bud structure and a sweet shortbread aroma. I love how frosty these buds were, you could just barely make out the…

Quick preview of our visit with True Terpenes

from Instagram: Quick preview of our visit with @trueterpenes. Over 30 individual steam derived terpenes available. Non GMO, highly concentrated and expertly packaged. Look forward to more terpsploration this week including a personalized blend we’ve been enjoying in everything from soda water to spiking the bong water. ๐Ÿ“ธ: @ktnmoss

Huffing Gas pt. 2 Sour OG grown by Green Bodhi

from Instagram: Today for Part 2 of Huffing Gas. I’m focusing on @greenbodhi cultivated Sour OG. An olfactory head turner that catches the eye with it’s bright green, left almost pale yellow under the beautifully candied calyxes. The jar is worth cracking just to get a sniff of the citrus leaning diesel fumes rising…

White Tahoe Cookie clones

from Instagram: Rude Boi and White Tahoe Cookie clones were flying off the shelves @archiveportland today. Always happy to see the cured flower offered alongside the clones. Since I heard the question come up more than once, rec customers can purchase 4 clones per year from a dispensary. Decisions, decisions. ๐Ÿ“ธ: Brenda Rose @stumptowngreen

Archive dispensary visit

from Instagram: @archiveportland opened their doors today and we had front row seats. People were lined up well beforehand to scoop some hard to find clones and seeds. The lines didn’t seem to bother anyone though, lots of folks left with brown bags and big smiles. Great to see a well respected seed bank…