A Visit with Select Strains

Those of us that used to pack one hitters in our purses and pockets are incredibly grateful to have something dependable to puff on as we go about our day. With the emergence of cartridge style pens, we’ve got an option that doesn’t require a lighter, cleaning or off putting burning smells. Exciting times.


The problem is that many of the pens on the market feel like a disposable ecig. Until I spent time with the Select Strains product I thought that was just something to accept about the market. Then I got a closer look. Intentionally built to be simple and satisfying, not compromised by materials sourced for their inexpensiveness. Select Strains has created something meant to be carried around in your bag, charged at the office or in your car, grabbed on your way out the door or thrown in your purse for a night out.  By improving nearly every aspect of the CO2 pen, Select Strains has created a product that seamlessly integrates into daily life.


By using a patient filling process and relying on extra absorbent japanese cotton they’ve managed to replace those nasty silica wicks you find in most products. Supported with their higher capacity battery it’s simple to achieve rich intense hits. No button, just a light inhale activates it. Instant thick vapor at your fingertips. Did I mention flavorful? Selecting growers that only use organic and living soil methods in their grows and then working with them to process their material particularly for Select Strains leaves them with a flavorful end result. They are able to process a batch of say, Grape Ape and then reintroduce the exact same terpenes from that flower back into oil. The true flavor of the flower rolls across your tongue and fills the air around you with a pleasant scent. It smells nothing like burning flower and much more like a light floral aroma.


Everything about this well built pen is easy and satisfying. The american-steel tip has a nice weight to it and draws pleasantly with a nice resistance. The charger, battery and cartridge fit perfectly snug in the case, so throwing it in your shoulder bag or jean pocket is a no brainer. No fishing for it in the bottom of your purse or digging through your center console.


Select Strains has created a product that unobtrusively fIts into your daily routines or weekend rituals. Don’t be surprised if the pocket of your jeans starts to slightly fade around the outline of the carrying case, you start patting your jacket pockets for it on the way out the door or instinctively reach for the next time you need a second to think. Like many of the gadgets that enhance our day to day life I have a feeling soon we’ll scratch our heads and ponder how we ever lived without it.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    -“we’ll scratch our heads and ponder how we ever lived without it.”
    Exactly how I feel


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