A Visit with Drip Ice Cream



I’ve seen the Drip Ice cream freezers at a few of the dispensaries and not given it too much thought. Of course ice cream is delicious, cannabis is great, but the combo sounds too good to be true. As a dream it sounds perfect but the reality must be a weedy mess full of ice crystals, right? No, no no no no no wrong. I want to softly shush you and stick a spoonful of this cookies and cream in your doubting mouth. To a person, everyone I’ve seen try Drip their eyes light up. This stuff is good buddy, and I don’t mean good for weedy ice cream, I mean I live in Portland with 50 Licks, Salt n Straw, and Ruby Jewel and this is the real deal.


Drip ice cream comes in four flavors (plus a seasonal flavor) and two different concentrations. White containers contain 25mg and the black 75mg THC. Salted Caramel for date night. Lemon Coconut for a medicated dinner party palate cleanser, Honey Lavender in the bathtub, Cookies and Cream to hide in the back of the freezer for that rare moment I have the house to myself. Unlike most medibles, I’m not munching it down to pass the time or sticking some in my pocket on the way to the airport. I’m enjoying it for that moment of enjoying it. Like you would a cigar, it’s not just eating some ice cream, it’s intentionally letting a finely made object steal your attention for a minute.


Making this stuff can’t be easy. Nor transporting it, storing it or convincing dispensary owners to stock a product that needs a freezer. They do though, because this is a product that is effective, tasty, packaged tastefully and leading the pack when it comes to informing the consumer on how much or how little to indulge in. You can tell that running this business is a labor of love and why shouldn’t it be? If you make a delicious, effective product that makes people weak in the knees at first bite you should celebrate it. Maybe with an ice cream float? You can find Drip at over 20 dispensaries in the area and nearly all over Oregon. Speaking of, please go buy your dispensaries out of Drip, I want to see them expand to twelve flavors, a line of ice cream sandwiches and a medicated softserve truck. A guy can dream.




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