A Visit to Calyxes


PSG_2063We talk to a lot of budtenders and always ask them which shops we need to visit. Calyxes has come up more than once so we knew it was worth checking out. We took the trip out to Multnomah village to visit and I’m really glad we did. Calyxes resembles a charming art gallery with wood block prints in the waiting area, a clean interior and very friendly receptionist. It fits right in with all the other boutique shops nearby.

A calyx is the cup of the flower that the petals spring from, in the cannabis you buy at dispensaries it’s the tiny pear-shaped nodules that are hopefully covered in crystal like trichomes. They’re the hard working desirable part of the plant. It’s a pretty (if botanical) word and it’s a very fitting name for this one-of-a-kind shop


It’s a badge of honor that this place is the first 100% clean green certified dispensary in the nation. From the site, “Clean Green inspects all inputs, from seed or clone selection, soil, nutrients, pesticides, mold treatments, dust control, and source of electricity, to methods of harvesting and processing.” You’ll notice this in the way that Calyxes doesn’t have a bunch of clutter and fliers to pass out, note that you’ll take your flower home in a glass jar (which you can return for a discount), but mostly you’ll notice this in the quality of the product. Where many shops have low, mid and top shelf tiers the quality of the product here is all consistently at the top of the market. Not a big surprise seeing as the flower is grown by the renowned Green Bodhi farms, and the concentrates (all solventless) are produced from the same choice flower. Both on display in well lit cases. Adding to the atmosphere are a few shelves of Sky Glass water pipes, produced in Eugene, these artistic pieces are sleek and clean and are more akin to beakers and bucknell funnels than they are to the old heady tubes.

The budtender answered our questions with enthusiasm and was careful to show us the flower we were curious about as well as a few of his personal favorites and stand out offerings. I had that moment where you sit down at a restaurant, look at the menu and then get a little dizzy because everything looks so damn good there’s no way you’ll be able to choose. You can’t go wrong with Golden Pineapple or Mystery Haze you’ll just wish you had also grabbed some of the Platinum Cookies and Papaya OG.

It’s easy to admire the work they’ve put into this sleek shop. Like all things that are run as well Calyxes, the devil is in the details. Jars sit back behind the bar and are full of whole buds, no shake in the bottom. The place is intimate so you get a nice one on one conversation with the budtender. They pick and pack your flower with metal chopsticks so you see exactly what you are getting. I’m sure there are a hundred more tiny details that I missed but I think that sums this great shop up. Attention to detail most of us aren’t paying attention to gives this shop a leg up in nearly every category. Style, atmosphere, quality and knowledgeable staff all work together to provide an experience you get at very few shops. If you count yourself as someone who truly enjoys cannabis, want a curated experience with guaranteed quality, or just need a jar of herb that will show up your buddies’, you need to take a trip to Calyxes and check it out.


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