Strain Review: Hazy Kush


If you’ve been to @calyxes lately (you really should visit) you’ll notice all of the Hazy Kush crosses on the menu. Hazy Kush is a wonderful Don x OG Kush Sage cross that’s cultivated by @greenbodhi. After looking through the different offerings I kept going back to the Golden Pineapple Cross so I knew we had to take that one home. The budtender packed a beautiful looking eighth into a glass jar (which you can bring back and reuse for a discount).

Calyxes is the nation’s first 100% Clean Green Certified dispensary, a badge of responsible agricultural practices that you’ll be able to read more about on the blog soon. The fact that they source almost all of their flower from the Bodhi farm shows the level of commitment this grower has to quality and attention to detail. If they put up a handful of Hazy Kush crosses- it’s time to pay attention, you might just be smoking one of the next big West Coast strains.

The Hazy Kush crumbled so nicely I didn’t dare put it in the grinder. Ripe red pistils hung on to each sugar coated particle. Bowls packed up not densely but sticky and uncompressed and burned slower than your typical airy structured sativa. I was looking for fruitiness but instead was struck with spicy accents. Earthy flavors of wet dirt and an element of alium that reminded me of spring leeks.

First and foremost, euphoria hits and you might find yourself with an unexpected goofy grin after the initial exhale. Curiosity and creativity had me moleskine in hand scribbling down my next million dollar idea (pillow of the month club, natch). If there is any indica showing through in this cross it’s the stress relief that accompanies the other effects. This strain certainly didn’t make me tired. Consider this strain an excellent warm up for your next trail-run or a killer way to spend breaks between Nanowrimo chapters. Truthfully I hoarded this jar and didn’t share it with a single soul.



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