Digging into my archive of notes there’s a few flowers that really stand out to me. The Banana OG from @stonedonthego is easily one of the most interesting cultivars I’ve tried. Unassuming green buds that absolutely reek of banana candy. Even better, the flower is a whole bouquet of banana. Scents of still green bananas, notes of ethylene; the gas that the fruit releases while ripening (funfact: that they also use to artificially ripen bananas). Not super sweet, but there’s also a whole array of banana candy scents. Runts, laffy taffy, and even a bit of those weird yelow sugar-coated marshmallows are all represented here. Adding complexity, a note of tomato leaf, hint of fennel, and a bit of dry pear cider over a base earth note. Effect of the flower is clean and satisfying with a classicly “stoned” feeling. Altogether a great flower to be on the hunt for. Just watch out, there are plenty of strains with banana in the name that lack the stand out nose, it’s worth passing on until you find the real deal. 📸 & 🌱@stonedonthego

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Bred on a Japanese island so isolated that it’s the last bastion for “living artifacts”. Like the Amami rabbit, extinct except for the few found hopping around the island. This worked Japanese strain has a variety of wild expressions, the pheno Fidus honed in on has the bag appeal of the best cookie strains with a profile I haven’t found in anything else. Top notes of anise, berry, and spraypaint flash off as I tear into the flower revealing a sweet and concentrated artificial grape candy flavor and complimentary woodsy scents. All of that over an earthy cooling note I can only describe as “hash”. Test results show nearly 1% Ocimene, which I suspect to be a major component in the unique profile. Mouth coating and clean burning, the effect of this flower is as pronounced as the bag appeal. A few hits have me drifting off and a full gram joint has me sailing away. Heavy and narcotic, this Shiatsu surpasses calming and pushes into muscle relaxation territory. While I’ve enjoyed the @fidusfamilyfarms Shiatsu in the past, this latest batch is truly dialed in. On shelves now in limited quantities @fiduspdx. (full disclosure, yeah, I work at Fidus. If you feel this is some sort of conflict of interest you should swing by and stick your nose in a jar. )📸: @alexmponce

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Hey Loud, what have you been up to? Well, beyond writing about the best cannabis in Oregon with @oregonleaf. Drinking the finest espresso Portland has to offer and checking the legal cannabis market in Washington, Cali, and Nevada (mostly boof). I’ve been anxiously waiting to open the doors at the new dispensary in the old Calyxes spot. The guys @fidusfamilyfarms have always impressed me with their drive, commitment, and insane eye for detail. When I heard they were opening a dispensary that would ONLY carry their flower I knew it was going to be a different kind of shop. Months of hard work later and we’ve got a beautiful boutique shop, the best staff (seriously, it’s all top 5%) and the flower is graded in a way that only the most premium buds hit the shelves. Full Terpene analysis for each strain and THC % is conveniently left off the menu. Everything on the shelves will be made with our flower with @cropcircle.chocolate truffles rolling out next week and other killer collaborations following behind it. Honestly, I could wax poetic about how our joints are hand packed with AAA buds, or how the Quantum Kush #4 is one of the most exciting experiences in flower, or how everything from the aprons to the neon was created with patience and fine attention to detail. I’d rather you just came by and bought some flower though. A lot of thought and are went into everything here and I think one hit of this Ghost OG is going to tell you more than another 1,000 words from a weed nerd. Come on by and let’s talk dank. I’ll be here.

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I’ve really been enjoying the Monkey Bread from @certifiedpdx. It feels like the sort of herb you’d break out of your weed cellar when the good company comes over. The subtle expressions of Dutch cocoa, savory wheat bread, aged balsamic and vanilla bean make way for complex hints of peach flesh, whiffs of banana ethylene, funky yeast, and spice notes. Altogether a pleasant hashy perfume, doubled by cracking into the trichome laden buds. An in-house cross of Grease Monkey and Forum Cut Cookies, this expression borrows equally from both parents. Highlighting the sweetened bread-forward cookie notes and the interesting funk and trichome coverage of the Grease Monkey. With the softer nose, those chocolaty hash notes that usually get lost in the funk are right up front. Like everything Certified puts up, bag appeal is on point. Lime-rind green with pops of black juxtaposed against snowy white trichomes. Effect is uplifting and mind-shifting. Perfect for canceling plans and going on an impromptu road trip just because the sun is out. Glad to see it up on shelves @portlandextracts , @westernoregonbotanicals , @firesidedispensaryor, and dropping soon at @farma_pdx. Photographed by keen-eyed @mathiasailstock

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More info in previous post. I have to say, I really like this little device. While I’ve got some reservations about what’s actually inside the pods (no farms listed, different processors, different methods of extraction) the unit itself is quite advanced for the market and totally worth a shot for those that rely on cartridges. For one, the app which I expected to be gimmicky is actually worth using to fine-tune adjust the temperature or even lock the device. Handy if the slippery thing slides out of your pocket on Easter and a 4-year-old picks it up (check, this happened). Nice if you feel like swapping out the color palate of the blinky and surprisingly informative LEDs or indulge in one of the Simon-like games while you sit stoned waiting for the bus. It hits like a champ too, you can dial the temperature from 430 to 790 degrees Fahrenheit, so the tradeoff of flavor to vapor production is up to you. Even at temps around 525, I can still get enough vapor to blow decent “smoke” rings and occasionally catch a big enough hit to send me coughing. The Candyland Sauce cart I had was nice, tasty though not too complex, but loved the effect. This Tangie that I’m puffing on now is flavorful but not clementine juice running down your face flavorful, so keep in mind while there are some flavor improvements, we’re still a long way away from true flower flavor or a tasty lung-busting hit of live-resin. Though cost is relative, these things are considerably more than most cartridges. It’s a half gram at the price most full grams are being sold at. You’ll have to weigh if the added tokes due to temp adjustment and leak free design are worth the added cost. If you prize slick design and appreciate fiddle-free function then I think it’s worth throwing this into the rotation and seeing if it’s a good fit. I’ll definitely be checking the pods around town when I gear up for my next road trip. Keep in mind the unit is slick in more than one way, the device slipped out of my pocket again while I was writing this. You’ve been warned. – – – – – – – #🔊💯 #cannabis #cream #ommp #recreational #exoticgenetix #kush #bestinpdx #thc #cbd #weshouldsmoke #joints #dabs #vape #420ph

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I could see the Pax Era coming from miles away. Pax started as “Ploom” a first era version that had little pods of ground up tobacco that you loaded into a device and vaped. Cute, but fidgety, the product was sold to a Japanese tobacco company after the Pax vape rolled out and outshone the Ploom. Now at this time, the Pax was being sold as a tobacco vaporizer, and a good way to curb tobacco use. We could see from the first models of the Ploom and the fact that this was being designed in cannabis-friendly California that this was all entrée into the cannabis field. Then the Juul launched and now it’s a deep Google search to find out if the Ploom ever even existed. The Juul promised viscous, flavored oil spiked with nicotine in easy to swap pods. The USB sized battery was discreet and easy to use and inevitable stoner ingenuity quickly provided instructions for loading the carts with whatever THC oils you could jam into the thing. I don’t typically enjoy nicotine but I snagged one of the units just to satisfy my curiosity. It was nice. Artificially flavored smoke rings of Creme Brulee and Virginia Tobacco surrounded me in my downtime. I ordered more flavors and got a little too comfortable with my increasing “tobacco” habit. Then, I lost the slippery little thing when it fell out of a pocket at a wedding and I never ordered another. Shrug, fun while it lasted. Of course, the Era was on its way. Pax seems to have embraced their product as a Cannabis vape and stopped the “tobacco use only” nod to headshops. The Era is only for cannabis use, the Juul pods aren’t compatible, but using the same tech are leak free and flavors are easily swapped out. The cartridges themselves are cleverly sold in slick little boxes with child-resistant packaging. I’m a sucker for nice design and this thing has it in spades. Continued in next post! – – – – – – – #🔊💯 #cannabis #paxera #ommp #recreational #exoticgenetix #kush #bestinpdx #thc #cbd #weshouldsmoke #joints #dabs #vape #420photography #spiceoflife #ripcity #oregon #indica #sativa #420friendly #highcbd #pdx #terpenes #trichomes

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Berries and Creme or “Cremé” if you indulge cute affectations, is a recent addition to the @certifiedpdx line up. A worthy addition too. Bred intentionally in-house (read: not a happy accident) this cross between Grease Monkey from Exotic Genetix and Breeder Steve’s Shiskaberry combines the punch and terps of our modern strains with the variety and complexity of the decades-old favorite. The result has bag appeal that’s off the charts and a subtle flavor that begs for a second impression (and third, then fourth). The flavor here is caramelized sugar, freshly made waffle cone, under-ripe fruit and blackberry bush. A stem rub reveals tomato leaf, black pepper and a whiff of volatile acetone reminiscent of a mid-mural cloud of spray paint. The effect is pronounced. Felt first behind the eyes then spreads and relaxes the rest of my face. Clench released, the clarity of thought assists in a few decisions I’ve been postponing and then I’m right into planning mode. Clearly stoned and positively productive, my favorite. One last thing to point out, this batch tested at something like 12%. I had to go back and read that result three times. I’ve had growers tell me that they had to stop running beautiful plants because they tested too low too often. This just goes to show that THC percentage has been turned into more of a marketing tool than an accurate representation of how well a flower is grown or how that translates to effect. Try this alongside some boofy 31% Banner and taste the difference. On shelves now @farma_pdx , and @archive_portland. Photo 📸 by the talented @mathiasailstock and lifted from the @certifiedpdx feed.

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Much love to the crew @deschutes.growery. One of the cleanest and most dialed in grows I’ve had the luxury of touring. The stable is no joke! I’m talking mouth-watering strains that beat the trends and don’t give into the hype. I’ve seen plenty of farms out there trying to grab a piece of the market with the same 12 flavors that are already on shelves. Then there’s a crew like @deschutes.growery offering up limited drops of that hard-to-find super dank. Speaking of, if you’ve come across their expression of #MAC1 then you’ve encountered some of the best Cannabis in Oregon. Believe me, I’ve checked. The only thing better than burning the last Mac nug was to connect with @erik.nugshots and @theweedcritic. This lovely lady on the chopping block (maybe it was StarDog?) had me surreptitiously fumbling with my phone to take a quick pic. I’m officially waiting for it to hit shelves and (after I grab some) I’ll let you know when it drops. 📸📱

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Thoroughly enjoying this Key Lime Pie rosin with material cultivated by @phoenixrisingfarm and washed by the wizards @permasolventless . If you’ve been holding off on trying their Rosin, this is a great example of their work and you should grab some before it’s gone. Translucent, clean, and full of flavor. Intense and sweet whipped cream scents bordering on white chocolate, plenty of layered floral leaning citrus. Lemon without the acid, sweet candy that evokes green lifesavers balanced by hints of lime leaf and peppery arugula. Notes of strawberry gummies and watermelon bubblegum brighten up when it hits the hot quartz. It melts cleanly and vaporizes into a voluminous but smooth lungful. The effect is that perfect mix of functional and potent. This is some “take a dab and go handle your business” type stuff. I must’ve handled quite a bit since I’m stuck scraping the bottom of the jar. I guess I’ll just have to add “stop @alt.remedies ” to the top of my to-do list if I’m going to get anything accomplished today. 📸 by always-on-point @stonedonthego — Ryan Herron Sales Movement Distribution (m) 971.803.2058

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Riversong, another stand out offering by the crew @geekfarms impresses with its soft (but not subtle) scent of bold blueberry fragrance and complex bouquet of floral top notes. No gas here, just fruit with soft and sophisticated floral aromas. The lineage here is fun to unpack, BlueJ X Dr. Who. BlueJ being a cross of Jilly Bean and Oregon Blues. Both show through in this expression. The structure of the Riversong is very reminiscent of Jilly Bean with large nugs that hold clusters of easily separated calyxes. With this airy structure, each gram easily looks like two. Blueberry scents steal the show. Like the classic DJ Short strain amped up with greasy Dr. Who hash notes alongside lighter iris and sleepy chamomile. Sweet blueberry absolutely carries over to the inhale and the buds burn characteristically down to white ash, pleasant through and through. The effect is also heavier than most fruit-forward strains. Both joints gave me a relaxing laissez-faire attitude, where the only thing that seemed certain was picking up some more Riversong. Expertly snapped by @northwestgreensphoto and (last I checked) on shelves @naturalwonders.pdx and @oregonsfinestofficial

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